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Batch Weighing System

A Microcontroller Based, Three Load-cell type Automatic Batching System for accurate and reliable weighing of dryer mouth tea.

Tea from the Dryer is fed to the Storage Hopper by a conveyor. The Storage Hopper feeds Tea to the Weigh Hopper through the motorised sliding gate. Once the set quantity is reached, then the Storage Hopper gate closes automatically.

The Motorised sliding gate of the Weigh Hopper opens and the Tea drops onto the discharge conveyor. The Weigh Hopper gate closes. The Weight of the Weigh Hopper Tea is added to the totalised weight of the previous batches and stored in the memory. The total is displayed, then the storage Hopper gate opens. The above cycle is repeated for every batch.

The totalised amount and the current stage of operation are retained in case of the power fails. On resumption of power, the same operation continues.

An industrial grade thermal printer is provided inside the AUTOWEIGH instrument which will give you hard copy printout, date, time, totalled weight and number of batches as per the selected No. of cycle automatically. Manual byforce print and resetted last 30 records are also available.

Overall Dimensions : 1375 m.m.(H), 600 m.m.(W), 600 m.m.(L)
Ground Clearance : 1000 m.m.
Total Power Requirement : 100 Watt
Hourly Capacity : Max. 1800 kgs of CTC Tea

System accuracy is better than +/- 0.1%
Incorporate Digital Technology & EEPROM IC to retain the total weight, previous 30 resetted records data, and the current operation during power failure
Cut Labour Cost
Easy and inexpensive maintenance
Control Panel can be installed in remote place
Total weight resetting facility
Inbuilt watch dog circuit to run the system smoothly due to any sort of power hazards
Built-in Real Time Clock to measure dryer mouth output ratio
There are two high bright LED displays, one for the Total Weight and other for the current Batch Weight. Also is used two line sixteen column LCD display as a status display.
The dust-proof panel box for the Electronic Controller ensures proper operation of the controller. It has a glass window for viewing readings.
Inbuilt thermal printer

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