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Monorail Weighing System

A Microcontroller Based, Two Load-cell type Weighing System for withered / Green leaf passing through monorail.

The withered / Green leaf carried to or from the trough passes through the weighing zone of the monorail. There are two photo sensors to sense the weighing material as well as "IN" led to indicate the start cycle and "OUT" led to indicate the end cyle of the weighing process. During this cycle, weight is taken by means of LOAD-CELL and displays the ACTUAL WEIGHT DISPLAY. At the end of the cycle, the actual weight taken adds to the TOTALIZED WEIGHT and displays in the totalized weight display and is stored in the memory. The process continues.

An industrial grade THERMAL PRINTER is provided inside the AUTOWEIGH MW-P1 Monorail Instrument which will give you hard copy printout automatically as per the programmed number of cycles. Date, Time, Totalized Weight and Number of Batches are available in printout.

Weighing Zone Length : 300 m.m.
Cutting Clearance : 1 m.m.
Power Requirement : 20 Watt.

Cuts Labour Cost
Total weight resetting facility
Easy and inexpensive maintenance
System accuracy is better than +/- 0.5%
Control Panel can be installed in remote place
Used Imported SMPS for eliminating electrical hazards
2X16 character LCD display help in programme mode
Incorporate Digital Technology & NON-VOLATILE RAM, EEPROM IC to retain the totalled weight and the current operation during power failure
Automatic restarting of the system with WATCHDOG timer due to power problem
There are two displays, one for the total weight and other for the current weight.
The dust-proof panel box for the electronic instrument ensures proper operation of the system. It has a glass window for viewing readings.
Used USA made two Nos. SHARE BEAM type load sensors for high accuracy and long life

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